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    Kimberly Green, NMD

    Greetings, health seekers!

    I'm Dr. Green, your friendly Naturopathic medicine guru and part-time medical detective.

    Think of me as the Sherlock Holmes of health, on a relentless quest since 1990 to uncover the hidden truths behind illness, wellness and healing.

    I've dedicated my life to curating individualised plans for my patients, focusing on enhancing the quality of life, and turning the golden years truly golden.

    Melding the wisdom of Naturopathic medicine with the precision of western modalities, I've crafted a unique health alchemy that allows for personalized healing.

    It's a bit like being a master chef.

    My clinic is the kitchen and my recipes are individualized wellness plans.

    I'm deeply invested in educating my community, transforming complicated medical jargon into digestible tidbits.

    So, are you ready to embark on a journey of discovery and transformation with me, your personal health detective?

    Let's leave no stone unturned and write your health success story together!

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